Types of sessions____________________________________________________________________________________________________


According to the number of people:

- Individual sessions (for one person). For people who take regular sessions as a therapeutic process

- Group sessions (for several people). For people interested in performing maintenance exercises

- Workshops (for several people). To complement the exercises done individually or in groups


• According to the duration of the session:

- Regular session (1.5 hours). Recommended for people in a therapeutical process or in a personal development process

- Long session (3 hours). Recommended for those interested in doing maintenance exercises at least once a month

- Full session (about 4 hours). This is the best option to go deeper regularly, especially in individual sessions

- Workshops (4 hours, 1 day or from 1 to 3 days). This option is available for beginners and also for people with some experience. It is useful for working on specific themes, to get deep into the psyche-body relationship, or as an introduction to Diafreotherapy.